Dialysis Home Training Nurse, 2 10hr/days, part time

Company Name:
Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
To be considered for the position, please (1) upload your resume, (2) complete the application in its entirety, and (3) answer the screening questions.
Summary : Under the direction of the Nurse Manager and Administrator, the home training nurse:
Coordinates the administrative and clinical aspects of the home dialysis program
Implements approved clinical policies and procedures
Communicates with patients and support people about standards of care
Assures compliance with corporate, local, state and federal requirements for home dialysis facilities
Participates in Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement and Risk Management meetings
Participates with the management team(s) in problem-solving patient and support people issues.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Assumes 24 hour responsibility for appropriate home dialysis staff support.
Collaborates with the Nurse Manager of the outpatient hemodialysis and acute programs to assure efficient and productive use of patient care hours and facility resources.
Creates and maintains appropriate record keeping and documentation of the training and care of all patients in the program in accordance with the guidelines of the ESRD Network, regulatory agencies, the DCI CQI program and the dialysis facility''s policies and procedures.
In collaboration with the Administrator, Medical Director, Nurse Manager and other members of the multidisciplinary team, supervises the admission of patients to and transfer of patients from the home program.
Participates in quality assessment and performance improvement activities in coordination with other members of the multidisciplinary and leadership teams.
Collaborates with members of the multidisciplinary team on any specific patient care problems, hospitalizations, discharges, modality changes, etc.
Coordinates home training sessions, clinic visits, patient care conferences, home visits and all clinical and educational activities to assure efficient and productive use of nursing hours and program facilities.
Maintains appropriate par levels of all medications and patient care supplies in coordination with the Chief Technician.
Collaborates with the Nurse Manager, Chief Technician and Administrator on the evaluation and performance of new and existing equipment.
Coordinates the home patients'' prescriptions for dialysis supplies with the DCI Supply Company or other appropriate supplier.
Reviews financial operations of the home dialysis program with the Administrator and Accounts Receivable Manager.
Makes recommendations for controlling costs.
Reviews labor and materials'' management in an effort to promote and encourage cost effectiveness while maintaining quality care.
Maintains an understanding of facility agreements and vendor contracts.
Maintains and provides appropriate documentation to the business office to identify charges.
Oversees the delivery, review and evaluation of patient care in the home program and upholds standards of patient care in accordance with the ESRD Network, regulatory agencies, the DCI QAPI program and the dialysis facility''s policies and procedures.
Develops, implements and updates training, maintenance and educational programs for home dialysis patients in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, regulatory agencies and DCI.
Performs the collection of statistical data required by various regulatory agencies, DCI QAPI, Risk Management and facility management.
Collaborates with members of the leadership team in the preparation of policies, procedures and protocols as they pertain to the home program.
Represents the home program to various agencies in the absence of the Administrator and Nurse Manager.
Conducts home program staff meetings on a regular basis.
Participates in dialysis facility staff, leadership and interdisciplinary team meetings.
Keeps informed of pertinent patient care issues in the dialysis facility and the renal community as they affect home dialysis patients and disseminates such information appropriately.
Maintains effective communication of all home program activities with other members of the dialysis facility, the interdisciplinary team and hospital personnel involved with the in-patient care of home dialysis patients (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, etc.).
Actively encourages and helps to maintain open and free communication between staff, administration, physicians and patients.
Actively supports and promotes appropriate attitudes and fosters a spirit of cooperation and flexibility with co-workers and management.
Encourages and helps to maintain a clean, orderly and safe work environment.
Provides home dialysis patients with safe and therapeutic care and serves as a role model via the delivery of that care.
Assists in teaching and training of new staff members as directed by the Nurse Manager.
Monitors patient care parameters on an ongoing basis.
Reviews documentation for appropriateness and compliance with DCI and nursing standards.
Coordinates and participates in the completion of patients' assessments and plans of care according to facility and regulatory requirements.
Assumes responsibility for communicating patient problems to physicians.
Assures the transcription and implementation of physician orders.
Coordinates and participates in patient care conferences and chart reviews.
Assists in the new patient intake process and scheduling.
Conducts initial and ongoing patient teaching.
Coordinates obtaining medical release forms and updating consent forms annually, or as required.
Reports equipment problems to technical staff and follows up as necessary.
Coordinates with the Chief Technician the maintenance and repair of all equipment.
Participates in the evaluation of performance of all home equipment.
Performs all functions and duties outlined in the registered nurse job description.
Substitutes for subordinate personnel on an "as needed" basis; initiates, monitors and terminates dialysis, as necessary.
Maintains effective communication among clinical and technical staff, physicians, patients, administration, social work and dietary personnel.
Actively supports and promotes appropriate staff attitudes and loyalty to management.
Knows and implements safe and effective infection control procedures in accordance with facility policies and procedures.
Knows and practices procedures related to hazardous waste disposal.
Adheres to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements for job safety and prevention of bloodborne pathogens (personal protective equipment, etc.)
Knows and is able to implement emergency, fire, disaster and CPR protocols.
Education and/or Experience:
Must be a registered nurse and must have at least 12 months'' experience in providing nursing care
Additional 3 months of experience in the special modality for which he/she will provide self-care training.
Specialty certification in nephrology nursing (CNN) by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Board preferred.
Certificates and Registrations:
Possesses and maintains a current license in the State of Pennsylvania as a registered nurse.
Maintains current CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification.
CNN (certified nephrology nurse) certification is encouraged
DCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer/AA
VEVRAA Federal Contractor
Date: 2014-06-03
Country: US
State: NV
City: Carson City
Postal Code: 89706
Category: Nursing

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